Öl Spritze 1.5ltr
(alle modelle)

€54.95 (€66.49 Inc TAX)

Öl Spritze 1.5ltr (alle modelle)
Öl Spritze 1.5ltr (alle modelle)
Öl Spritze 1.5ltr (alle modelle)

When you're changing gearbox oil, one of the challenges you'll face is to actually get the oil into the gearbox in the space available..

A lot of people come up with all sorts of solutions but the general consensus is... you'll probably end up with a lot of gearbox oil in places you'd not want it to be..

This Syringe will help you to make filling up a clean operation
The 1.5 liter reservoir also helps as you don't need to fill up that many times.

The other good thing about this Syringe.. The CNC machined aluminium insert comes with a end cap which will create kind of a double security.
The double internal seal in the transparent composite body will also help you to keep the oil in the position you want it to be.

You can use this Syringe for suction or insertion of fluids. It is not suitable for use with brake fluid.

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