Evora 400 Form Rear Bumper
(Evora, Evora S)

€1,897.00 (€2,295.37 Inc TAX)

Evora 400 Form Rear Bumper (Evora, Evora S)
Evora 400 Form Rear Bumper (Evora, Evora S)
Evora 400 Form Rear Bumper (Evora, Evora S)

Quite a few people appreciate the looks of the new Evora 400.
If you have an 'original Evora' and want to make it look like an Evora 400, look no further!

This rear bumper comes with sidelights, a rear bumper shroud and diffuser fins.

These bumpers are made from glass fibre and are finished in 2K primer virtually ready to be sent to the paint-shop.

We were amazed about the high quality of these parts and even more amazed about the change this bumper makes in terms of looks!

The bumper will fit any Evora NA or Evora S.

As these are rather large items (the parcel is 190x60x73cm) we cannot ship these using your regular courier. They have to be shipped as pallet freight.
Our systems is set up for parcels, so we will need to send you a shipping quote manually.

These body panels are not original Lotus parts. Although they can be fitted on the models listed, parts of these panels are not interchangeable with original Lotus parts.

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