Magnetic Oil Sump Plug
(drain plug)

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Magnetic Oil Sump Plug (drain plug)
Magnetic Oil Sump Plug (drain plug)
Magnetic Oil Sump Plug (drain plug)

Stop metallic debris from damaging your engine!

Through the years your engine may loose some small metallic parts which are going to land in the sump.

When replacing the oil, any debris which has been picked up will be in the oil filter but they can also be left behind in the sump, waiting to strike disaster..

Our light weight magnetic sump plug comes with a high temperature, high power Neodymium magnet to make sure magnetism will remain the same through the entire temperature range.

The sump plug has been designed to remove ferrous metal particles from your engine oil.
It helps you to prevent from premature damage and increases the life of your engine.

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