Moroso Ölwanne - Toyota 2ZZ Motor Elise / Exige

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Moroso Ölwanne - Toyota 2ZZ Motor Elise / Exige
Moroso Ölwanne - Toyota 2ZZ Motor Elise / Exige
Moroso Ölwanne - Toyota 2ZZ Motor Elise / Exige

Ever tried running an engine without any oil?

The Toyota engines which are used in the Elise, Exige and 2-11 are known to be rather borderline when it comes to oil starvation.

When you're driving your car in a long sweeping corner, all of the oil will be forced to the outside of the corner. The outside practically means away from the oil pick up.
This happening just long enough will result in oil starvation which will lead into a very expensive rebuild of your precious engine.

We didn't want to re-invent the wheel and teamed up with American specialist company Moroso.
These people have been in this business for almost 45 years and developed anti surge solutions for top level Nascar and NHRA/IHRA race teams.

Moroso designed a baffled oilpan which prevents excessive movement of oil, even in while cornering hard for an extensive period. (exactly what happens at an Oval racing track!)

The Moroso oil pan increases the oil capacity of the sump by 1 ltr above that of the standard sump.

This product is an essential for people who want to use their car for fast road or track use. We've seen too many engines let go to just ignore this problem!

Product Features:

- Direct Replacement for the OE oil pan. - Manufactured from aircraft aluminum
- Perfectly flat flange to prevent any leakage.
- Internal baffling will prevent the oil from moving into the direction you don 't want it to go.
- 3/8" Billet Aluminum rail
- 1/2" NPT bung for drainback
- 1/2" NPT bung for oil temperature provision

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