Schleppenband für vorderseite
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Schleppenband für vorderseite (Alle modellen)
Schleppenband für vorderseite (Alle modellen)
Schleppenband für vorderseite (Alle modellen)

More and more race and even track day organizers are demanding cars not to have any solid parts sticking out from the front of the car.

On the Elise and Exige platform this means you can't have a solid towing eye as this would protrude from the front line of the car.

This Towing Strap gets rid of this issue and makes your life easy.
Normally, when you'd want to use a towing strap it would mean clamshell off, removal of the towing strut in the crash structure, loop the strap in and fit all back on the car again.

The solution doesn't only position the towing strap correctly on the towing strut, it installs without remvoving the clamshell..

Simply clip the high grade stainless steel bracket on to the towing strut, put the trap through and secure it.. job done!

We supply a cable tie to keep the strap rolled up while it's not in use.

You may have to modify the front grille on your car to make space for the strap

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