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Smart Finishing Glaze is uniquely formulated for newly painted vehicles that require a wax and silicone free product. The first 15-30 days of a paints life are very important for curing. Finishing Glaze is perfectly safe for all paints and engineered to nourish shine and maximize depth for brand new paint.

Formulated with wet-shine paint gloss magnifiers (Wax/Silicone free), to provide a superior wet shine finish to any painted surface.

smart use

for hand or machine application
formulated for recently painted vehicles
clear coat safe

wet finishing glaze

maximizes depth and shine to freshly painted vehicles
assures an accurate and even, high gloss finish over the entire surface
fastest and easiest way to keep fresh paint looking its best
conceals minor scratches and surface imperfections
eliminates surface imperfections
body shop safe
Meets VOC regulations smart application
shake well
apply thin coat working a small 1-2 foot area
work in a side to side, then up and down motion
if desired wipe clean
re-apply as needed
for dual action or a circular polisher set speed between 4500 and 5000 OPM. For circular polisher, set to 1000 and1400 RPM.

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